Post-Construction Cleaning in Frisco

Construction sites are places of immense activity and daily progress. With all that progress also comes a lot of mess. After contractors have completed a project or carried out their duties for the day, they need to remove any trace of debris, waste, and layers of dust. That is where the post-construction cleaners at Eagle Eye Cleaning, LLC come in.

Proudly serving the people of Frisco, we help contractors put the finishing touch on a worksite. We work on behalf of contractors and their clients, ensuring properties are free of the harmful pollutants and waste that can compromise a space.

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Our Cleaners Understand Construction Sites

Construction companies and contractors come to us because we’re more than a conventional construction cleanup company. We are an after-construction cleaning company that knows our way around a worksite. We’re more than familiar with the protocols in place on construction sites, and we understand the high standards of clients.

Proper Waste Disposal

When you hire a construction company, you want to be certain that they’re operating according to the standards of your industry and your clientele. When you rely on our services, you can rest easy knowing that we will clean the construction site so that we exceed your standards. Our post-construction cleaners will clean and disinfect until there is no trace of any recent labor or construction work.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cleaning

Whether we’re required to vacuum the floors, remove stray plaster from windows and walls, or disinfect and sanitize every surface, you can count on us. We specialize in comprehensive cleaning services.

Down with Dust

It’s not just the surfaces that we worry about. We also pay close attention to the air quality of the construction site. Rest assured, we will eliminate any trace of dust we find lingering on the premises.

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Construction Cleaning: The Finishing Touch

After construction has commenced, it would be nice to think that you’ve completed all your work. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of cleaning to do. While construction cleaning might seem like an afterthought, it is actually a vital step in the entire construction process.

Our construction cleaning crew has the equipment and the expertise to carry out this last stage of the process for you. With us overseeing the sanitization and the debris removal, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your handiwork will truly shine. Let us be the ones to put the finishing touch on your meticulous work.

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When the time comes for first-class construction cleanup services, we hope you think of the dedicated professionals on our team. Our expertise won’t just benefit you—they’ll benefit your clients and all future occupants of the building you’re constructing.

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