We here at Eagle Eye Cleaning Services want you to know that YOUR health and wellness, and that of our employees, is of the utter most importance to us.

In order to better serve you and our staff, we have instilled the following measures:

We closely follow and monitor CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff.

Our cleaning staff members are regularly tested for COVID-19.

We will not send members who express ANY symptoms of illness to any job site.

All of our cleaning instruments will be changed and cleaned to prevent cross-contamination from location to location.

Our cleaning staff members are required to wear gloves, cloth masks, shoe covers, and aprons to every job site.

If you or anyone in your family has been subject to anyone with Covid-19 or is showing any symptoms of illness we ask that you reschedule after you have tested negative.

It will take everyone working together to get this virus under control and we appreciate each and every one of you for helping us keep you and our team


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